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Cyrax MLBB
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4.4/5 - (80 votes)

Cyrax MLBB is a free hack that helps you play in a battle like a pro. It gives you access to the most premium features of Mobile legends.

Are you a mobile gamer? And love to play Mobile games? Then you certainly play MLBB. Do you win inside the battle? Have you used general features or used premium features? If you are new to the game and searching for some MOD that helps to play well in battle, then I have a mod for you. Use Cryax MLBB and wins the game against a pro player on the field.

Overview of Cyrax MLBB APK

 Cryax MLBB is an antiban mod that helps you to stand in an MLBB battle arena.  And you don’t need to pay to get access to its features. It is free to use. It unlocks numerous stunning features such as ml skins, various maps, done views, weapons, and many more. Moreover, Neverendless Modz and Furansu ML are the best alternatives to Cyrax Mod

Stunning Features of Cyrax Mod

There are several other cheats available online for MLBB. You can use one or more mods when the time comes to improve your game in battle. But Cyrax is more beneficial to all of them. Its antiban features allow you to use cheats without getting reported or banned. Furthermore, you can enjoy all the features of Cyrax Mod without surfing a penny.

Let’s look at the prominent features of the Mods.


If you are exhausted from viewing the same view for a long time, you can change it by Cyrax Mod. The free version of MLBB has only a few maps. But you can get free access to all maps by Cyrax MLBB. Here is the list of map features that you get by Cyrax MLBB.

  • Distance from player
  • Enemy Cooldown
  • Enemy name & heath
  • ESP Player Boxes
  • ESP Player Line
  • MiniMap Enemy Icon
  • Player circle
  • Unlock player name


You can get access to all the skin, either new or old, for ML heroes. There are more than 400 skins.

Drone View

You can view your MLBB game in 2D mode and 3D mode as well. You can enable it by drone view. Cyrax provides you with free drone view options.

Premium Avatar

If you want to look stunning and dangerous on the battlefield, use Premium avatar features. You can unlock the premium avatar by Cyrax MLBB.


Good weapons affect the opponents both physically and psychologically as well. Cyrax MLBB gives you access to all the Weapons in the MLBB.

Battle Effects

Do you love different animations in battle? Then, use the Cyrax MLBB. It gives you free access to all premium effects of MLBB.

Other common features Cyrax MLBB Mod

  • Anti-Ban Mod
  • Free to Use
  • Fully Functional
  • Much More
  • New ML Mod
  • No Login Key
  • No Password
  • User-friendly

Concluding Thoughts

Cyrax MLBB is an anti-ban app to unlock all stunning features of MLBB. But if you download from an unauthorized source, it damages your phone. Download it from these websites as they always give you trusted apps.

March 24, 2023