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Devil Modz
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4.5/5 - (22 votes)

If you are an MLBB (Mobile legend Bang Bang) lover, then we bring a surprise for you. As you already know that there are several hacking injectors in the market. But many of them fail to perform properly. So today we introduce Devil Modz APK for you. It is a hacking tool in which you can hack paid features of Mobile legend bang bang. With this tool, you can easily get all paid features for free. With the help of this tool, you can boost your ranks and become a pro player. Your aim will be very strong while using this tool.

Devil Modz can change your gaming style. The users can assess all those features which are very expensive in the game. To put it another way, you can get free Battle, View, Skin, and other Hacks. These hacks make you strong and you would dominate your enemies easily. If you are weak in MLBB and want to perform well then use this tool. It gives big support and you will never be disappointed. It sharpens your abilities and you emerge as a strong player. If you are new to MLBB, you must use it once. Make sure you have an android device because it does not work on the ios platform. Download Devil Modz ML and play the game like a pro. You can also try a Family injector.

Useful Features of Devil Modz:

The following are the main features of this tool.

  • Hack Battles 
  • View Hack
  • Skin Hack
  • More Hack

Hack Battles

You can hack battles while using this tool. There are many cheats in this tool but battles are important for every player 

  • V1MapHack
  • V2MapHack

View Hack

While using this application you can hack views.

  • Camera zoom [1x to 6x].
  •  3D View V1 hack.
  •  3D View V2 hack.

Skin Hack

You will get all the ML skins for your favorite character at no cost. So your character becomes more dangerous for other players. Skins can change your aim and stamina. 

More Hack

More hacks are available like 

  • No Cooldown
  •  Spam Chat
  •  Unlimited Gold

Devil Modz APK has the following additional features:

  • User-friendly interface 
  • It works in both root and no root devices.
  • Completely comfortable with the Android system.
  • No password hassle.
  • Simple and easy UI.
  • Bugs & error fix.
  • Unlock all-new skins
  • No sign-up is required.
  • Easy to understand and use.
  • Regular updates by the developers.
  • It also works in the background.
  • Everyone can download it because it is completely free.
  • Quick download.
  • Less storage is required.
  • And much more.

Attention Devil Modz Users.

You must keep this in mind before using this app. This is a hacking application so be aware while using it. follow these tips.

  • Delete or uninstall 32-bit and rename the Mobile legends.
  • Want to secure your account from third parties, then use a virtual app.
  • After installing the application, convert the game to virtual space.

Method to use Devil Modz V7.9

  • Rename to legen1.
  • Uninstall current ML and install ML 32-bit version.
  • Install the Devil Modz and Virtual Exposure apks.
  • With rooting the device, launch the game.

App screenshot

Devil Modz APK
Devil Modz APK latest version

How to install Devil Modz APK

Read the following easy steps for downloading the apk file.

  • First, you can download the Apk file by just clicking the link on the download button.
  • After downloading the file you saw a pop-up on your device which requested permission to allow an unknown source to allow the app to access all the permission.
  •  Now your app is installed on your android phone.
  • Click the app 
  • The whole hack opportunities are available in the menu bar.
  • It injects your select option.


Devil Modzis a hacking tool in which you can hack paid features of MLBB ( Mobile legend bang bang). Bost, you rank and become a pro player. you can inject your favorite cheats like ML skins, Drone view, maps, backgrounds, battle effects, and much more. Do not worry it is completely free for everyone. The tool has multiple features like a user-friendly interface, low size, and much more. Make sure it is the third party so be aware while using. if you want more injectors then visit our home page APK-point.

September 14, 2022