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4.3/5 - (23 votes)

Many popular games played on android devices have their modded versions available as well. These special versions are packed with additional features. which gives you an edge over other players playing the game in regular settings. Mods are used to unlock many new features in popular mobile games like Mobile Legends. Fakecez Modz is a popular ML mod that is downloaded and used by many ML players around the globe.

Unlike other modded versions, the story and graphics remain the same. So, you can play the same story as other players while getting more features upfront. With the help of a modified version, you can play the game with little to no skills, and still, get the amenities that are only available to pro players. So, if you want to download the Fakecez Mods ML for absolutely free, you can visit the link mentioned on this page. We have the latest version of Fakecez Mods available for free. Let’s check out all the features you’ll get by downloading this modded APK ML game. Try Toxi Patcher at once on your android device.

New  Features of Fakecez Modz APK

Fakecez Mods can be used to get additional features like skins, Drone view, and more FPS in the game. This way, you have more chances of winning the ML game when you download the modded version instead of the normal Playstore version. You don’t even have to spend a lot of money to buy additional features in the ML game as the modded version provides you with all those things for free.

  • All skins are unlockable.
  • Drone Camera view
  • ESP Player Line
  • Player 360 Alert
  • Top of the box.
  • Right Box Position

User key of Fakecez Mod

DsDkWS1656608400 is the user key of Fakecez modz 2022.

Additional Features of Fakecez Modz V70.0

This mod is primarily made for players who are new to this game. Because of all the extra features available in Fakecez Mods, you can enjoy continuous wins. without dedicating much time to building and learning the game. 

Below mentioned are some of the features you can enjoy right away after downloading Fakecez Modz APK.

Extra Hero Powers

By downloading This mod, you’ll get ESP for all of your heroes. This will allow them to sense troops near them, and respond to the nearby threat with full power. The ESP boost works at 360 degrees, and the range is increased as well.

Extra Skins

This mod also allows you to use every skin available in the ML game, and even more! The outer menu also lets you enable drone view.

High FPS

Since most of the mobiles coming these days have frame rates higher than 60 fps, the mod has added support for 90 and 120 fps. This setting will allow you to enjoy a smoother playing experience on high refresh rate mobile phones.

There are various other features you can enjoy in the Fakecez Mods application. More features are added with every upgrade.

Is Fakecez Modz Safe To Download?

Yes, Fakecez Mods APK is designed by an expert team of developers, and we scan the files for malware before uploading them on our website. So, we are confidently saying that it is perfectly safe to download on any android phone. We have the latest version of the mod available on our website, and you can download it for free.


Mobile Legends is a popular game on the android platform. But lots of upgrades and purchases are required to make the game suitable for enthusiasts. This is also the only way to compete against older players. But you can download and install Fakecez Mods today to enjoy the premium experience for free. Every feature in the game is unlocked, and you can enjoy playing like a pro player of the Mobile Legends game without spending a penny.

January 12, 2023