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4.7/5 - (49 votes)

You desire to master Bakso Simulator’s premier features and play the game like an expert. You don’t want to pay, though. You may enjoy all the premium features for free by downloading the Hood Mods APK modded version of Bakso Simulator from this page. We worked extremely hard to prepare this Bakso Simulator Mod Apk, which is just for you and completely safe for your device.

Overview Hood Mods Basko Stimulator APK

Indonesian food is the focus of Bakso Simulator, a game that focuses on Bakso meatballs and was created by Akhir Pekan Studio. With this game, you can open your own Bakso restaurant and sell meals. Starting with a street food vendor, you can upgrade your store and purchase all store supplies to expand your Bakso shop enterprise.

You can find jobs here. This game is not that dissimilar from the real world in that if you serve meals late, clients will leave; conversely, if you provide superior service, you will attract more. It is a fascinating game, and I like that game so much. The game rose to fame in 2022 and today has over 1 million installations on the Google Play Store.

Hood Mods Prominent Features

Unlimited Money

All constraints have been eliminated from this modified version of the original game, and the gameplay is now tremendously fluid. The things that previously had a cost and were locked for some sort of game-level requirement are now all free in this modified edition. You will discover unlimited money here, and since all skins have been unlocked, you are free to use them as much as you wish.

No Ads

If you are distracted by the ads in the original game, use the Hood Mods Bakso Simulator. It removes all the ads in the games in the original version, and you can enjoy your game without any distractions.

Extra Features of Hood Mods APK Basko Stimulator

Menu Anti

  • Freeze Maling
  • Anti Pocong
  • Anti Tuyul
  • Anti Lalat
  • Anti Kabur

Menu Player Hack

  • Freeze Npc
  • High Jump
  • One hit
  • Sprint speed
  • waktu
  • Move speed

Special Menu

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited sp
  • Unlimited stock
  • Unlimited Kerupuk
  • Unlimited Gas
  • Unlimited Item
  • Unlimited Battery Robot
  • Unlock all quest
  • Unlock Rating
  • Instant Masak
  • Instant Makan
  • Email Generator
  • And more


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March 22, 2023