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Kawaii Injector
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Like many other applications, Kawaii injector is an amazing app developed to inject extra and premium features in the mobile legends game without paying any extra money for in-game items. The application has improved a lot from its original version, and the latest version is available on our website for you to download for free. The application is completely free and has features like drone view, extra skins, analog controller and additional effects for battles, and a few other features which Mobile Legends players will find useful.

The user interface of the application is really easy to get a hold of, and it has the English language selected by default. All the bugs are Brixton the latest version of Kawaii injector. Every hero present in the mobile legends game gets a customized skin that looks really cool. This tool also allows you to download and insert customized scripts to add even more features to the game.

Another great feature is drone view which allows you to inspect the battlefield from various different angles. You can also enhance the graphics quality by using the built-in graphics enhancing feature. However, we only recommend using the graphics-enhancing creature if you have a high-end device.

While there are certainly enough features in this injector for you to enjoy the mobile legends game to its fullest, more features are coming in the upcoming versions, and all of them will be available on our website. Additional features coming in next updates will make the application even more useful. Scynix Dias Generator also provides the same facility.

Kawaii injector APK Features

Here are some of the best features in the Kawaii injector application for the Mobile Legends game.

  • Lots of exclusive skins unlocked.
  • The exclusive Kawaii injector to fix any issues that you might face in the mobile legends game.
  • Easy inject customized scripts.
  • You can enjoy the drone view, and can even make a backup of the game.
  • You can use custom joysticks in the ML game.

The feature that allows you to inject custom scripts into the mobile legends game is only available with the Kawaii injector. Additionally, the emotes available in this injector come with their own sounds as well. This feature is only exclusive to the Kawaii injector.

APP Screenshots

kawaii injector apk
kawaii injector 2021

Another valuable Features of Kawaii injector 2021

Here are some of the best features of the Kawaii injector for mobile legends games.

  • One of the best injectors for mobile legends.
  • You can use the application without rooting your android phone.
  • You can use a password to use it.
  • It is completely free, no charges or subscription at all.
  • There is an about section in the application which explains every feature in it.
  • Every hack is injected into the mobile legends application separately. The process is fairly simple.
  • You can also back up your mobile legends game, and restore that back up in case anything goes wrong.

These were some of the best options available in the Kawaii injector application. You can easily uninstall the previous version and install the latest one once the update arrives. We will update the download link as soon as the new update becomes available. Zong Xotic Patcher is the best alternative to this tool.

Whats new in Kawaii injector v11

  • 19 new Recall Effects Added
  • Supports 11 Recall Effects
  • 17 New skins Added
  • Fixed selena Mispelled Manual skin Removal File Name
  • Dyroth Backup That Triggers
  • Fixed Nana skins Installation Bug
  • And much More

Kawaii Injector APK password


We can safely conclude that the Kawaii injector is one of the best applications to get extra features in the mobile legends game without facing any safety concerns. The additional feature which allows you to make a backup of the mobile legends game and restore it, later on, he’s one of the most useful ones. So, download and install the Kawaii injector right now and start using it right away. It will work perfectly with the latest version of the mobile legends game.

August 15, 2022