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L4D Ping Tool

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L4D Ping Tool
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Are you suffering from a slow internet problem? Then I have a solution to your problems. Use L4D Ping Tool and enjoy the fastest internet connections.
The world is changing continuously, from old trends to digital trends. Now things go online. Whether you have to pay your bills, do shopping, play games, or prepare for your exams, you can do it online. But it requires the fastest internet connection. If your internet speed is slow, don’t worry. You can increase its speed by installing L4D Ping Tool.

But before moving to its features, let’s look at what it is. Then we discuss how you can use it to solve your internet problems. Want more Tools like Lucky Patcher or Jasi Patcher visit our Home Page.

What is the L4d Ping tool Apk?

Wsidomskey solves your more burning issues of the internet. They launched the L4D Ping tool Apk that boosts your internet speed up to 3X.

Why use the L4D Ping tool when there are several Apk that provides 3x internet speed? Three main reasons that make it prominent over other Apk are;

  • You can use it free of cost.
  • A trustworthy developer, Wisdomsky launched it.
  • It contains no viruses or malicious files.

IS L4D PingTool works in Android 11

The quick and easy answer is yes, it works in Android 11.

Features of L4D PingTool APK

  • L4D Ping is a free tool to boost your internet speed. It has the following prominent features.
  •  Internet connection speed booster
  • Increases the speed of  VPN apps.
  • Gives better data packets in a limited time
  • Track the number of missed data packets during the life cycle of the signal.
  • The app is compatible with all types of networks.
  • User-friendly interface
  • Compatible with numerous  Android operating systems
  • Download large-size applications in less time
  • Don’t require a rooted phone
  • You don’t need to pay to get it. Because it is free of cost.

How to use L4D Ping Tool

Do you never use internet speed booster software? No issue! Let’s look at the details here.

  • Firstly, download the apk file from this website link.
  • Then, enable the “unknown sources” option from your mobile setting.
  • Now, open the download file and start the installation.
  • Now, after installation, restart your device.
  • Open the L4D ping tool from the menu.
  • Numerous log appears there. Select a small icon that appears in the top left corner.
  • Three options appear; setting, clear log, and exits.
  • Go to the setting options and scroll down to the target address.
  • In Target address. Write IP address
  • Then set up the speed between the log 10 to 100.
  • Don’t close the app; it remains open in the background.


L4D Ping Tool is an internet speed booster app. You can use it on any type of android mobile. It is compatible with the network. You can enjoy a maximum of l its features free of cost. Boost up your internet speed by downloading the L4D Ping Tool now from the link below.

September 28, 2022