Mairaj Gaming shadow fight mod

Mairaj Gaming shadow Fight Mod

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Mairaj Gaming shadow fight mod
Mairaj Gaming
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5/5 - (1 vote)

Life is so boring, but it goes on. Scrolling Facebook and Instagram up and down have no fun. As we know, technology is developing day to day. Everyone in the world is busy with their work. But they were feeling bored after hard work. So, for that reason, we bring you the Mairaj Gaming shadow fight mod.
Shadow fight is one of the best games that I have ever played. The effect used in the game is just awesome. It shows two shadows fighting in the moonlight. It is the free version of the Mairaj Gaming shadow fight mod.
The game across million plus downloads and still going on. This game was designed for true lovers of action games. Complete all levels and fighting with opponents sounds good, but it is challenging when facing a strong opponent. At first, it looks like time has changed, and classes are tough and tough.

What is Mairaj Gaming shadow fight mod?

Mairaj Gaming shadow fight mod is an action game with special features of martial arts. We offer different designs of weapons with more power and additional features. These weapons help you become more powerful against your opponent.
Furthermore, some items are free of cost; you can use them without paying. But some customized items with the awesome power that gives your fighter a charming look are delivered things you must buy.
The most interesting thing is the game is ads-free; you don’t need to see any ads during play. You can earn diamonds while playing and unlock other features. Read the complete article to acknowledge the elements and additional useful information. Furthermore you can also use Shadow Fight 2 Titan Mod.

Features of Mairaj Gaming shadow Fight Mod

Fight in six different Maps

The game offers six other maps where you can play the game. You can inject weapons to fight against your opponents. Each map has numerous levels; during every level, you have to face the main Caracter, who should be the boss. To fight and defeat the boss, download the Mairaj Gaming shadow fight mod; you can find the download link at the top or the bottom of this page.

Easy to play

The game is easy to understand for beginners. It should be easier for you if you have already played an action game. There are only five buttons that help you control the game. On the left side, you can find the moment button, and on the right, you can see four buttons the attack button and the additional special move buttons.


People are attracted to action games because of their graphics and weapons. The weapons used in the game and the design of the guns attract the players to this game. The downloads and popularity of this game are beyond our imagination.


As I already told you, the game earns popularity when the graphics are good. The pictures in this game look too realistic, and playing the game is adorable. That’s the reason this game is more popular.


Every game you play on your mobile offers rewards. Similarly, the Mairaj Gaming shadow fight mod also gives rewards after completing the level. The tip should be diamonds, Caracter, weapons, etc.

Additional Features of Mairaj Gaming shadow fight mod

  • Anti-ban version
  • Unlocked max levels
  • Unlimited Diamonds or gems
  • Autoplay
  • One hit kill
  • Unblock able Attack


Do you watch martial arts movies and imagine yourself as a martial arts master? So, it’s an opportunity to be the master download Mairaj Gaming shadow fight mod. Mairaj Gaming shadow fight mod is an action game. The article will clarify all your queries. The features and download link are given on this page. Read the complete information and download this unique game on your android.


November 14, 2022