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Skull Mod

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Skull Mod
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2.7/5 - (3 votes)

Skull mod is a practical APK application that you can use to unlock various premium items in games like PUBG, Free Fire and The Sausage Man for absolutely free. You can download and install the application on any android device. There are lots of free features like easy aim, no lag, increased damage and various others. Additionally and you can mod multiple games at the same time. It’s sporadic and is exclusive to the Skull Mod APK only. So, with the help of this mod, you will be able to hack multiple games at once, and that too for absolutely free.

To begin with, PUBG is one of the biggest mobile games these days. The game is so addictive that it makes headlines thanks to its addiction. The game is very much fun to play, and the graphics are intriguing as well. There are lots of different scenarios available for you to play in and enjoy the PUBG game. So, overall, it is a great game to play in your leisure time.

Sausage man, on the other hand, is fun to play and an easy game. Other games mentioned in the Skull Mod APK are great to play as well. Millions of players around the globe play this game every day, but many find it hard to complete every mission without using any hacks. That is why you can use this application to easily mod these games you play every day and add lots of fun to them. You May also try KTM Mod Menu.

Features of Skull Mod APK

Since this application supports three games, we will mention different features down below.

  • Cleaning all the cache.
  • Aim assist.
  • Different body colors of players.
  • Zero recoil
  • Antenna.
  • Minimum lag.
  • Increased damage.
  • Different skins.
  • Accelerated rendering.
  • Map hack
  • Drone view
  • Free to downlaod and install
  • Rapid Downlaoda
  • And much more

In addition to these features, there are also many hacks available for PUBG lite. In short, you’ll surely enjoy using the Skull Mod APK in your favourite games. In the same way, your free fire game can also benefit from this mod APK in multiple ways.

APP Screenshot

Skull mod Apk
skull mod

Method to use Skull Mod APK

We have provided the latest version of Skull Mod APK on this page. So, you can use the provided link to download the mod file right away. After you’ve downloaded the APK file, you’ll have to give it special permission to install it on your android device. Once you grant the installation permission from settings, Skull Mod APK will be installed on your device.
After installing the application, all you have to do is open the application and select the game you want to see the cheats off, and it’ll show you relevant cheats. You can then play around with the settings to set them accordingly.


We can conclude that skull mod APK is the safest mod which provides you with options to mod up to three favours games at once. So, if you want to add lots of fun and enjoyment to your PUBG, Free Fire or Sausage man game, you can select this APK without looking any further.

November 14, 2022