Toucher Pro 1.02 APK

Toucher Pro APK

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Toucher Pro APK
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if you are looking for toucher pro-Apk android you are in the right place. Download the latest version from our website just click the link at the end of the post.

Some Key Features Toucher pro 1.26 Apk 

With it, you can get the most out of your Android multitasking. On the tool, it’s a cute little point and clicks!

All the features are simple and easy to use. it also provides a simple user-friendly interface. Above all, it’s still basic, fast, and adaptable. There are plenty of different theme themes to choose from.

Both features are available at no cost. Fast access to often-used programs or functions, such as temperature, notes, address book, screen recording, trash, spotlight, screen capture, and so on. In a word processor, build your own shortcuts. Shortcuts for device 19 switches including WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, and Volume, among others. Change the colors of the tab size panel, the point size, and more. Invest in a DIY project. Heads of Facebook Chat and Android-style. Function keys that are interactive quick links to the Home and Back Menus (Rooted device needed) increase the number of themes and skins day by day 

Apk file installing command

  • Go into Settings on your phone.
  • Tap Security 
  • And jump into the Device  Administration section, and enable unknown.
September 25, 2021