WG Map injector

WG Map Injector

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WG Map Injector
Worst Gaming
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All MLBB (Mobile Legend Bang Bang) players, please pay attention. We have a unique application for all MLBB fans. This tool’s name is WG Map Injector, and it allows you to gain free access to your favorite maps.WG Map is currently one of the most advanced Map injector applications available for all MOBA (Multiplayer online battle arena) players. It gives you the five most famous maps of the MLBB game.no doubt; the Mobile legend is one of the most popular online mobile games worldwide. Millions of individuals enjoy playing MLBB, and if you are one of them, this tool is ideal for you.

If you are a newcomer to Mobile Legend Bang Bang, WG Map Injector can assist you. There are several personalization choices, attributes, and match formations to keep you entertained for hours. If you uniquely go into the game, you are considered a strong player. There are many things in the game that you can’t quickly get as you know that skins, background, effects, and maps are not accessible in the game. But some tools break the wall of the game and get these features for you at no cost. Tools like Squad Skinjector and devil-Modz give you a particular feature for free. A similar WG injector gives Free maps for you.

It gives you a complete list of maps. That’s why people love this tool.WG is the most advanced tool for Maphack. Worst Gaming, a well-known distributor of skin injectors for the Mobile Legends game, created the tool. It enters the game settings and removes the codes that prevent you from using the paid features. Keep in mind that it does not hack the whole part. It just hacks Maps for you.

Features and Maps of WG Map Injector:


  • High Dynamic Range imaging Maps (6.31 MB required)
  • Realistic Map(5.98 MB required)
  • LOL(league of the league )map(5.25 MB required).
  • Highway Map is available(5.37 MB required).
  • Badlands Map(6.44 MB required)


  • User-friendly interface
  • Simple to grasp and use.
  • It works on both rooted and unrooted devices.
  • Low storage is required.
  • Less storage space is required.
  • Direct download and import of maps is possible.
  • System to prevent account bans
  • Background change is available.
  • The latest version includes five new Maps..
  • Information about individuals is kept confidential.
  • There are no adverts.
  • Rapid download.
  • Regularly updated
  • And much more.

Method to use WG Map Injector Apk

Read the following easy steps for downloading the APK file.

  • First, you can download the Apk file just click the link on the download button.
  • After downloading the file you saw a pop-up on your device which requested permission to allow an unknown source to allow the app to access all the permission.
  •  Your app has now been installed on your Android phone.
  • Click the app 
  • Enter the password.
  • The whole hack opportunities are available in the menu bar.
  • It injects your select option Maps.

What is the password of wg map injector?

The bulk of advanced tools requires a password to access them. Fortunately, this gadget also comes with a password, which is crucial for security. But don’t worry, we’ve included a password so you can utilize these tools without becoming stuck. You must type whenever you want to use this app. The password for the tool is provided below.


Wg Map is an MLBB map injector (Mobile Legend Bang Bang). You can get a map for free. It is the most advanced map hacking tool. The current edition includes five new Maps. It provides a comprehensive list of maps. With the help of this tool, you may enhance your game and become a pro player. So give this tool a shot right away.

November 14, 2022