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WhatsApp Gold

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Which tools do you use for communication? What are the most widely used mobile communication apps? Yes, you’re correct. The most commonly utilized communication app right now is WhatsApp. Although WhatsApp is one of the best messaging app worldwide. There are two versions of WhatsApp; one is for bussing, and the other is for normal use.
Furthermore, there are a few alternatives to WhatsApp, like GB WhatsApp, YM Whatsapp, and Gold WhatsApp. Today we will discuss Gold WhatsApp.

Whatsapp Gold is an alternate version of the original WhatsApp. You can use it only on android devices. While using Gold Whatsapp, you can see deleted messing on your original WhatsApp. Millions of users worldwide use it, and day by day, it gains more popularity.

Features of WhatsApp Gold APK

Let’s look at features you can not find in the original Whatsapp or GB Whatsapp.


If you want a customized WhatsApp, then WhatsApp Gold is best for you. It helps you to set Whatsapp fonts, icons, and colors according to your taste.


If you are busy and want to hide your status from messages and blue fragments, Whatsapp Gold APK provides you with that opportunity.

Blue Ticks with WhatsApp Gold

If your near and dears get angry due to your late reply, then Whatsapp Gold will solve your problem. The user does not get the blue tick unless they reply to the sender. So, it keeps your privacy and creates a healthy environment around you.

Hide Chat

Do you forget your password and want to keep the privacy of your chat without passwords? For you, Gold WhatsApp is the ideal option. It helps you hide the chats without a password.

Deleted Messages:

Do you get annoyed when your buddy deletes messages before reading you? Don’t worry. You can read deleted messages with WhatsApp Gold, although the sender deletes them.

Send several large-file photos and videos:

You could only transmit 30 photographs at a time with your old WhatsApp, but 90 pictures can now be sent with this app. In addition, you can email files up to 30 MB instead of 15 MB.

Plan your messages

Due to WhatsApp Gold APK, you can send messages to certain contacts on specific days that were previously impossible with the free version of the app. A message that has been scheduled for sending will do so instantly.

Anti-Delete Status:

If you have any contact, upload the status but delete it soon. If you have curious about it, then install this app. Through it, you can see the deleted status.

Final Words:

WhatsApp Gold offers customers all the necessary functionality, and their privacy is protected here, which makes WhatsApp Gold more popular than the original ones. Users of these programs can alter the user interface. You can enjoy all the benefits, such as sharing more than 30 pictures simultaneously, sending large files and many more. We urge users to download this app.
I sincerely hope this app helps you a lot.

February 27, 2023