How to Get Special Emotes In Stumble Guys

How to Get Special Emotes In Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys is the ultimate test of skill, strategy, and teamwork as you guide your character through difficult obstacle courses to the finish line. But what better way to enjoy your wins (or feel bad about your losses) than with a variety of emoticons? With these animations, your character can do cool dance moves or make silly movements to show off. Some emotes are available right away, but to use others, you have to do a little more work. So, let’s look at how to get these special emotes in Stumble Guys, whether it’s by finishing tasks, going to events, or even buying them from the in-game store. They’ll make your game more fun and memorable!

By Complete Challenges

Stumble Guys has daily and weekly challenges that offer prizes for finishing certain tasks. Some of these tasks offer emotes as rewards, so make sure to check the challenge list often and try to finish as many as you can to get special emotes.

Participate in Events

There are also limited-time events in the game that give exclusive prizes, such as emotes. Make sure to take part in these events to get unique emotes that you can’t get any other way.

Use Modified Veriosn

Let’s face it – the struggle to unlock skins, emotes, and other paid items in Stumble Guys can be real. But what if we told you there was an easier way? Introducing the modified versions of Stumble Guys, such as Guyso1, Irgi Terbaik, and Jojoy Stumble, just to name a few. These modified versions can help you to unlock various paid items for free, without the need to spend your hard-earned cash. With a plethora of skins and emotes to choose from, you can customize your character to your heart’s content and stand out from the crowd.

Redeem Promo Codes

Stumble Guys sometimes gives out promo codes that can be used to get special prizes, such as emotes. Keep an eye on the game’s social media and community sites for promo codes, and make sure to use them before they end.


What are special emotes in Stumble Guys?

Emotes are unique animations that your character can do in-game. Some examples include dancing and waving. Some emotes are accessible by default, while others have additional requirements.

How do special emotes affect my gameplay experience in Stumble Guys?

Special emotes let you personalize your character and express yourself in-game. They don’t affect your character’s performance, but they can improve the game.

Can I earn special emotes without spending money in Stumble Guys?

Yes, Stumble Guys has several ways to earn special emotes without spending money. You may access paid products for free by completing challenges, attending events, or using customized games.